I’ve always been in love with Marie Chantal’s beautiful childrenswear. But it’s just too expensive. I could never bring myself to spend £100 on one item that will fit for 6 months at best. That’s why this collaboration with Marks and Spencers is just SO good. It’s not huge but there are a few lovely, classic, simple and sweet outfits at M&S prices.

It’s crazy how much children’s fashion has changed since I had Hattie. This just would never have happened 5 years ago. The rails in M&S were full of dowdy applique dresses in primary colours or that yucky pink. They have seriously upped their game! Hurrah and bravo (as Hattie would say) 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 

I am a tad gutted that it only goes up to age 5 though.

These are the pieces I like best!

  1. Red wool coat £42
  2. Peter Pan collar t shirt £14
  3. Fair isle cashmere cardigan 
  4. Wool pinafore £30
  5. Cotton party dress £28
  6. Grey Peter Pan collar blouse £18

  1. Grey checkered shirt with collar £20
  2. Grey wool trousers with braces £26
  3. Soft cord trousers £20
  4. grey pea coat £42
  5. Grey cashmere cardig an £32

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