Make sure your toddlers are wrapped up in the cutest winter wardrobe..

Helloo! I’ve been busy busy busy with the gang over half term but I’ve so enjoyed having some real time all together and I’ve loved getting everyone dressed in their autumny/ wintery clothes every day – I’m such a saddo.

I think by now you all know the winter style I love for my littlies.. ribbed tights in earthy colours, chunky knitwear, velvet, cord or knitted bloomers and collars..(Peter pan, frilled, roll neck any collar will do!) Easy peasy if you’re shopping in Caramel Baby and Child.. but if you don’t have thousands (literally) to blow on clothes that your kids will grow out of, I’ve done my usual sweep of more affordable shops and brands to bring you the same look for a lot, lot less.

This very lovely edit is for toddler girls – I’m rather sad that my girls are a bit too big for most of it, it’s so cute. I’m most definitely going to try and squeeze Rose’s curly head into the navy cord pom pom bonnet. I’m also going to try force her into some bloomers as it might just be the last year we can get away with them. And maybe I can convince Hattie to wear the charcoal ribbed turban! Anyway, the boys picks will be with you soon, I’m sorryyy it’s taking me a while to put these posts up, just haven’t seemed to have any time this week.

Ooh and can I ask about half term? How have you all fared? We’ve had a few very full-on days out and a few lazy mornings, many many tantrums but lots of laughs too. I managed to lose my car keys on Friday whilst out and about with my three kids and one of Hattie’s friends. Nightmaaare!! They fell out of my bag and into a huge pile of autumn leaves in the playground and were nowhere to be seen! Luckily we live close by and were able to get home without the car as they didn’t show up until today! whoops!

The only problem we’ve had is that Rupert needs a nap in the middle of the day (like, really needs a nap). He used to sleep anywhere- in the car, in the pram, any old place really. Nowadays though he only seems to be able to nod off in his bed. I think he has major FOMO – he won’t even have the hood of the pram down and leans out of it to see what’s going on while screaming “m’ouuuutt”. We’ve been dragging him along anyway and he’s been a bit of a terror. Any tips about how to force a toddler to nap on the go?! I’ve never been able to master it. Rose stopped napping completely when she was 18 months – that was fun 😉

Please do let me know if you like what I’ve chosen!

Sarah xx


  1. Poudre Organic blouse, Mabel Child £32
  2. Navy cord Liberty print bonnet with Pom Pom £26.99
  3. Kickers £45
  4. La Coqueta, charcoalribbed tights £10
  5. Greenberry kids checkered bloomers £24

  1. Briar handmade natural stripe bonnet, Mama Owl £24
  2. Amy and Ivor sheepskin yeti moccasins £52
  3. Zara rain coat £21.99
  4. Marks and Spencers trousers £9
  5. Zara loose blouse £14.99

  1. Grey bobble hat, HM £3.99
  2. Grey Zara gilet £12.99
  3. Numi Kids Liberty print bow
  4. Next khaki dungarees £20 – originally this was sold on their site as above – but the dungarees now come with the most hideous pink stripe top which you must discard IMMEDIATELY!!!!
  5. La Coqueta kids tights, £10
  6. Knitted bloomers, Mabel Child £25
  7. Mango breton £5.99

  1. Poudre Organic blouse, Mama Owl £32
  2. Ribbed turban £3.99
  3. La Redoute velour dungarees £19
  4. Pisamonas desert boots £21.95
  5. Kickers boots
  6. Zara striped leggings £4.99

  1. Zara gingham dress £12.99
  2. Zara hat £8.99 and snood
  3. Little Cotton Clothes dress £25
  4. Pisamonas grey suede mary janes £33.95
  5. La Coqueta tights

  1. Babies and Bows blouse £18
  2. Olivier Baby cashmere romper, £49
  3. Numi Kids Bow
  4. La Coqueta tights

  1. La Petite Collection Liberty print dress, Smallable £22.60
  2. chunky ribbed cardigan, La Redoute £14 – I also love this one
  3. Pisamonas patent mary janes £34.95
  4. La Coqueta socks £6


  1. Poudre Organic blouse, Mama Owl £26
  2. HM ribbed turban £3.99
  3. Amy and Ivor moccasins, platinum
  4. Mamas and Papas charcoal cord joggers £11.20 these are also a cute velvet version from HM 

  1. Next blouse £5
  2. Numi Kids bow
  3. HM Cardigan £9.99
  4. HM cord trousers £6.99 – these are only in baby sizes but I find HM stuff masssivve!! (Rupert at 19 months is in 9-12!)
  5. Next suede chelsea boots £25

  1. Petit Bateau navy polo neck £13
  2. Numi Kids bows
  3. Zara cord dungarees £14.99
  4. Zara suede tassel boots £29.99
  5. La Coqueta tights

  1. Briar Handmade bonnet £28
  2. Zara grey coat £23.99
  3. Pisamonas patent mary janes
  4. Pom pom socks, Mabel Child £23 These are also cute and cheaper at £5.99 but aren’t ribbed or knitted wool
  5. Babies and bows pinafore £24

  1. Babies and bows blouse £18
  2. ribbed tights, Papouelli
  3. Cashmere grey cardigan, Olivier Baby £59
  4. Grey suede mary janes £33.95
  5. Zara gingham dress £14.99

  1. Pom Pom muslin bonnet, Mama Owl £27
  2. Boden cardigan £18.45
  3. Babies and Bows navy romper £26
  4. Olivier Baby dress £44

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