My kids are getting verry excited about Halloween. It’s everywhere at the moment isn’t it? We’re definitely getting more and more commercial each year but it’s good fun and an excuse to eat sweets and paint faces. I love it.

After Claudia Winkleman’s daughter suffered that awful accident, I’ve heard so many more horror stories about nasty supermarket costumes going up in flames. So I’m not buying them anymore. Not to mention the fact they’re all really quite gross!

Hattie was begging me for the most revolting Sainsbury’s witch dress the other day but I stood my ground and I’ve been on a mission to find some less hideous Halloween outfits ever since.

Here they are! I think they’re just as fun, some are actually wearable after Halloween or as pjs and hopefully a bit more stylish and a bit less flammable!?


  1. HM witches hat £5.99
  2. HM knitted cat hat with eye holes £5.99
  3. Meri Meri Halloween felt hair clips £5
  4. Sequin cat mask, John Lewis £3
  5. HM cobweb knitted skirt £6.99
  6. HM bat leggings  £8.99
  7. Marks and Spencer black velvet body with skirt and ears £18

  1. HM sparkly bat wings and wand £6.99
  2. John Lewis sequin bat mask £3
  3. HM stripe frill top £5.99
  4. HM Black tiered tulle skirt £12.99
  5. Star tights £7.99
  6. Gap cat ballet pumps £16.95


  1. Halloween glitter tattoo kit £12.50
  2. Sparkly ears, Gap £5.99
  3. Spider headband, Waitrose £2
  4. Bat lip balm £2.99
  5. Maybelline 60 second nail polish, ocado £2.99 – this is so good for kids. It dries almost instantly
  6. Snazaroo halloween face painting kit £8.93
  7. Faboooolous top, HM £2.99
  8. Gap cat shoes – as above!
  9. Meri Meri spooky tattoos £2
  10. Sequin devil mask, john lewis £3
  11. John Lewis finger tattoos £3.50




  1. HM skeleton hat £5.99
  2. John lewis, glow in the dark monster hat £11
  3. fine knit bat hat £5.99
  4. HM mummy hoody and joggers £17.99
  5. knitted bat jumper, HM £7.99
  6. Face paints there are more above in accessories
  7. skeleton joggers £5.99
  8. Long sleeve skeleton tshirt £2.99

  1. velvet look Harry Potter robe etc £17.99
  2. Bat mask £1.99
  3. HM gloves £2.99
  4. HM skeleton hoody and joggers £17
  5. Skeleton sweatshirt
  6. Bat joggers £5.99
  7. Halloween socks


  1. John Lewis skeleton onesy and hat £14
  2. John Lewis Spider onesy and hat £14
  3. The Bright company bat jyms £30 These go from 6 months to 9 yrs so a really cute matching siblings option



  1. Halloween lollypops £1.50
  2. Skeleton Hotel Chocolate lollies, John Lewis £1.95
  3. chocolate pumpkins, John Lewis £5
  4. Meri Meri moon and star plates, Ocado £3.40
  5. Meri Meri cat napkins Ocado £4.50
  6. Meri Meri bat cups, Ocado £5
  7. hanging ghost decoration, Ocado 2.49
  8. Meri Meri character balloons £12
  9. Halloween cookie cutters, Ocado £1.20
  10. Personalised trick or treat bags £9
  11. Boo balloons, waitrose £3
  12. Skull cup, sainsburys £3
  13. Glow in the dark trick or treat bucket, Ocado £4.99






2 thoughts on “SPOOK IN STYLE

  1. Helena says:

    You make everything look so much more appealing than H&M does – they need to give you a job! have nabbed the striped top and tulle skirt for her to wear to her school party. Thank you!


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