A beautiful autumn look for little girls and boys..

Good morning! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend. I’m sat in my kitchen ignoring all the things I have to do because it’s Sunday, I can’t be bothered and we have nowhere to be until 12pm. I know there is weetabix hardening on the floor and I’ll be running around at 11.30 trying to tidy up and simultaneously chase the kids around the house to get dressed. But right now, the sun is shining, I’m feeling proud that we survived our first week of school runs (and were on time!!!!!), the sproglets are playing happily and I’m drinking a hot cup of tea with my feet up. That’s what Sundays are all about. We actually put a stop to Sunday morning swimming lessons last term because we didn’t have a morning to just slob about it. And big or little, we all need a morning to slob about, don’t we?

We’ve had a few warm days and are still wearing most of our summer dresses (albeit with socks and cardigans) but there is a definite nip in the air (is that the saying!?). It’s time to get Autumn clothes in the bag. Literally.

You can’t go wrong with these outfits. My favourite colour palette and the perfect time of year for it.

One for the boys and one for the girls, although I would put a girl in both of these. The trousers are actually from the girls section. But I bought them for Rupert and snipped off the bow. They’re really cute.

And the fringed navy suede boots 🙌🏻. Zara did an identical pair about 3 years ago which I had for Hattie. Rose also wore them and they were fab but sadly no longer fit anyone. Sooo pleased they’ve brought them out again although have major, major shoe envy.

Also I really love a turtle neck on a boy. It’s such a cosy look and so cute with dungarees. I also feel like they must be good for winter to stop catching a chill? Anyway, I stocked up on loads of navy ones in Spain for all of my kids as I don’t often find them in the uk but zara have done them this year.

  1. Zara roll neck top £3.99
  2. Marks and spencer mustard cord trousers £9 
  3. Pisamonas desert boots £21.95
  4. Liberty for Mamas and Papas dress and top set £34
  5. Zara fringed suede boots £29.99

One thought on “SUNDAY BEST

  1. Lisa Gardner says:

    Hey from USA I follow you and let be everything and it’s funny I ordered some
    Dresses from
    M&s and thought you would like them and then saw a post!!! You do a brilliant job!!!!!!


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