Summer is officially over and I’m already scouring out the cutest chunky knits and winter boots. The search for the perfect winter coat continues..

We arrived home from holiday yesterday to a lovely warm english summer’s day. So I am hopeful that we can stretch out summer wardrobes for a tad longer. Buuuut, there’s some really lovely stuff coming in and it’s best to be prepared. Winter is coming!

I’ve been in 30 degree sunshine for a few weeks and felt wrong looking at winter coats and tights but I am home and I am back on the case! So bear with me! And here are some really beautiful autumnal dresses that I’ve already ordered for my girls and a few A/W staples for the boys too.

These dresses are the sweetest shape and I love the colours too. I just ordered the rose gold Young soles T-bar shoes for over half price at £29.99 from schuh!! But  sizes are limited and if you don’t fancy forking out £65 for them these Marks and  Spencer’s versions are equally as cute and much much cheaper. They’re leather and come in red too!

  1. Mango checked dress with pockets £22.99
  2. Mango checked dress £22.99
  3. Marks and spencer t bar shoes £24
  4. La Coqueta ribbed knee high navy socks £6
  5. Young soles Rosie t bar shoes £29.99 at Schuh! Such a bargain if they don’t have your kids size you can get them  here

I love these Boden casual chelsea boots but the Pisamonas ones are also a really cool cheaper alternative. They’re lined in fur so really cosy too. I’m debating on getting for Rupert but just not sure how many pairs of shoes I can justify for an 18 month old!

  1. Mango white collarless shirt £15.99
  2. Mango grey knit £16.99
  3. Mango trousers £15.99
  4. Pisamonas winter trainers- they’re lined in fur £24.95
  5. Pisamonas elasticated belt £17.95
  6. Boden boots £44.95

Hattie and Rose very happy to be home and loving their new dresses ☺️






  1. Helena says:

    How do the shoes fit Sarah? S has really narrow feet. (She used to be a D, not sure now because noone in the US measures children’s feet. Eye roll/) I’d love to get her these M&S ones, or some navy ones from Startrite, but since we’re not in the UK wouldn’t be able to try on. Or have you seen any US brands selling similar?


    • Hip Mini Style says:

      Hi! Can’t believe they don’t measure? How funny! I actually found the m and s quite narrow and shallow if that makes sense. Rose has wide feet and she sized up. So annoying you can’t try on. Maybe with startrite you could download their size thingy? I’ve heard of a brand called zimmerman shoes that are American and seem to do classic shoes but not actually looked on their site as realised it was American. Will let you know if I find any others!


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