The sweetest newborn wardrobe for your teeny tiny ones..

Hello! I’m afraid I haven’t been posting much on here recently as its been so full on with the summer holidays that I literally haven’t had a minute to myself! Plus we were all jet lagged and waking up at midday for a good 10 days. Whoops! It’s literally taken me about 3 weeks to write this post and I kept finding more cute things.

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer and if you’ve bought anything seen on here that you’re kids are wearing or using please send me pics!

So back to business! One of my very best friends had a baby girl, my other bestie and my little sister are expecting babies imminently..in a desperate bid to keep my broodiness at bay (will it ever go away??) I’ve come up with the most gorgeous selection of newborn essentials. These are all the things I would buy if I were having a baby and will most probably be buying for all the new tiny little bundles that I’m about to meet! Eeeek!!

I’ve split them into uisex, girls and boys but so many are interchangeable so do look at them all! A couple of the cashmere items are a tad pricey but if you’re not lucky enough to have a knitting granny then I think it’s definitely worth investing in at least one of them. Most of the stuff is reasonably priced though as let’s face it, the majority of this will be covered in milky sick or the yellow contents of an exploding nappy. Can’t count the number of times we were all ready to go out looking beautiful (the baby OBVIOUSLY not me) and before we’d even left the house a full change would be required! Sometimes for both of us. Actually, these are two handy tips:

  1. When you go out in those early months and pack changes of clothes for your baby, DON’T pack a yucky outfit or crummy babygrow as your spare. I always found that my babies spent most of the time in the ‘back up’ outfit that was in my bag (and not the lovely one they had pooed all ver) and I was annoyed when I would find myself saying “oh don’t look what they’ve got on, had an accident etc”.
  2. BUY NAPISAN. It’s really good for getting those yellow stains out of the clothes.You can normally get in the baby aisle at the supermarket

ps. I would buy 3m or possibly even 6m in the Petit Bateau cardigan. It’s cute with rolled up sleeves and looking all big and chunky on newborns and then they will get lots of wear out of it.

Ooh and I’m also going to be sharing my edit of changing bags, snow suits, and prams too so keep checking back!

Sarah xxx



I LOVE every colour of these HM socks. Maybe the high street is finally getting the importance of nice non garish socks on shoe-less babies?? And the bunny ears hat, I know I know its a tad novelty but it’s too darn cute to resist.

  1. Zara grey cardigan £14.99
  2. Mothercare cream cable knit outfit £20
  3. HM jersey one piece £9.99
  4. HM 4 pack of ribbed socks £6.99
  5. HM knitted teddy £6.99
  6. HM knitted hat with long bunny ears £6.99

All from Zara home (except the vest)

  1. Striped cashmere romper £49.99
  2. Bunny booties £17.99 – I don’t think these will be that useful but just had to include because look at the little bunny tails 🙂
  3. Pom Pom cashmere hat £22.99
  4. Zara vest with collar £8.99
  5. Pure white velour baby grow with collar £22 – a lovely first ever babygrow
  6. Rocking horse cashmere romper £49

oh ochre!

  1. Zara Mini cream knit £10.99
  2. Petit Bateau ochre cardigan £39 see above re sizing – don’t get newborn or 1 month
  3. Zara pom pom hat £6.99
  4. Cyrillus booties
  5. Mango baby footed leggings £9.99
  6. Cyrillus 2 pack socks
  7. Zara leggings £4.99  or these!

snuggly sleepsuits & cashmere = newborn perfection

  1. John Lewis baby grow £14
  2. Olivier baby cashmere cardigan £54
  3. Mamas and Papas bunny babygrow
  4. John Lewis velour babygrow £12
  5. Boden bunnies babygrow £18.50
  6. Mamas and Papas white baby grow this one is perhaps a touch girly

That deer cardi – have you ever seen anything as cute?

  1. Pepa and Co knitted babygrow £42
  2. Petit Bateau cream chunky knit cardigan (as above)
  3. John Lewis sheep knitted onepiece £18
  4. Mango wrap over cardigan £12.99
  5. HM wrap over vests £6.99
  6. Boden Deer cardigan£30.50
  7. 5 pack of white babygrows, Next £18 I always found the Next babygrows washed the best and stayed the softest. Get two of these


  1. Bunny trousers £8.99
  2. Zara cream knitted outfit £29.99

a few handy (some just cute) extras

  1. Vertbaudet baby nest £23 This clever little thing has slits in for car seat/ pram straps. I always had one on my car seat and it saved having to faff with a snow suit most of the time! Can also be used inside the carrycot of a pram. This one also turns into a change mat apparently! Super cute and snuggly
  2. Aden and Anais swaddle muslins. These big muslins are wonderfully versatile. We still use them for all manner of things! At the moment as a lightweight summer blanket/ aeroplane cover up / beach towel! In the newborn days they were good for swaddling/ catching sick / scrunching up either side of the baby to make them feel cuddled and as a play mat!
  3. Pack of 3 muslins £9 these are cute for girls and these for unisex/boys
  4. Tuppence and Crumble star blanket £19 – a friend bought this for Rupert when he was born and its fab! I hhave had the morrk blankets in the past but preferred this, its more compact and the baby could actually wear it without it blowing off!
  5. Made by Skoo scloud cushion These are so adorable. The whole collection is actually. They can be personalised with your babies name and there are some really fun designs.. Hattie has the superhero bear in her room 🙂
  6. Vertbaudet cute bear mirror £14 just because 🙂

I thought these looked really handy. They’re not as bulky, stiff or cumbersome as a snow suit but still lovely and padded and warm. Especially during the very first weeks when they’re so curled up and you don’t want to pull their tiny arms through a snow suit. I also thought these were pretty unisex, not the hats obviously. I actually went to hospital with a girl and a boy hat so I was prepared.

  1. HM ochre hat £2.99
  2. Petit Bateau padded one piece £42
  3. HM hat with bow £3.99
  4. Vertbaudet fluffy one piece £10



  1. Zara cashmere hat, top and bottoms £39.99
  2. M&S rabbit jumper £10
  3. Zara knitted pom pom booties £12.99


  1. Star galand verbaudet £17
  2. Petit bateau cardigan £39 Might seem like a lot but its a really lovely useful cardigan that can be worn with everything and washes well. Zara do a cheaper version here
  3. Zara Home floral collar baby grow
  4. Mamas and Papas smocked babygrow

  1. Boden cosy gilet £17.50
  2. HM cotton set £9.99
  3. Amy & Ivor moccasins in putty £38
  4. Zara pom pom hat £6.99

  1. Mango wrap cardigan £12.99
  2. Boden pointelle vest £8.50
  3. Mango footed knit trousers £9.99
  4. Olivier baby booties £28
  5. Vertbaudet trousers £9

  1. Boden cable knit cardigan £22.50
  2. HM printed organic cotton set £9.99
  3. Amy and  Ivor moccasins, platinum £42
  4. Boden 4 piece set £34.50

  1. Cyrillus pink floral babygrow
  2. Rainbow garland £28.50
  3. Marks and Spencer cardigan £12
  4. Cyrillus ribbed trousers
  5. Bunny cushion £35

  1. Boden 4 piece cosy pointelle set £34.50
  2. Cyrillus Liberty print velour baby grow  £36

  1. Petit Bateau frill collar bodysuit £15
  2. Boden cosy coat £29.50 seems silly buying a coat for a newborn but I found snow suits annoying and by about 12 weeks a little coat was what we needed and I couldn’t find a nice one as they were all sold out,  so I would get an age 3-6 month one when you see a nice one and just save it.
  3. Mamas and Papas blouse _ i would buy this in 0-3 – It won’t fit for a while and you wont want your brand new newborn in it. But it’ll be sweet with some knitted trousers if you have any smartish occasions to go to when she’s about 3 months
  4. Zara pale pink knitted trousers £8.99




simple, cosy, cashmere cuteness

  1. Zara cashmere top, bottoms and hat £39
  2. Zara booties £12.99

  1. Vertbaudet blue stripe top and bottoms £15
  2. Amy and Ivor moccs, ink £38
  3. Verbaudet star and stripe set £17
  4. Amy and Ivor moccs, cinnamon, £38

  1. Verbaudet two pack velour baby grows £15
  2. Cyrillus bobble hat £19 and mittens
  3. Vertbaudet grey cotton baby grow £3.60


  1. Vertbaudet 2 pack blue babygrows
  2. Polarn O Pyret baby trousers £14. Theese are so great, the cuff fold down when the baby grows so they last for agggges
  3. Polarn O Pyret wrap over baby vest £14
  4. Zara knit joggers £12.99 these are also cute £10.99
  5. 7 pairs of Socks £22.99  all lovely and useful colours
  1. Boden cosy 4 piece set £34
  2. HM 2 piece cotton set £9.99
  3. Olivier Baby cashmere booties £28
  4. Baby Gap navy suede moccasins £12.95


  1. The Bright Company sleepsuit £12
  2. Cyrillus pack of 2 soft marled socks or these from HM are cheaper at £2.99
  3. Next jumper with car £11
  4. Zara crepe trousers £10.99
  5. Zara hooded cardigan £19.99

  1. Mamas and Papas velour babygrow
  2. HM wrap over jumper £7.99
  3. Mamas & Papas striped jersey romper
  4. Next knitted monochrome blanket £20
  5. Mango knitted trousers £9.99

  1. Petit Bateau cardigan £39
  2. Petit Bateau strip bodysuit £25
  3. Gap first favourites joggers £7.77
  4. Cyrillus coat – As I mentioned above, you wouldn’t think it but a coat is a handy thing to buy  if your baby is born in the autumn / winter. It’s so much easier to put on and something they can grow in to.
  5. Boden cosy velour sleepsuit £22.50

This striped jacket looks really handy to wear over a bay grow. Instant cute outfit and means less bother when they kick their blankets off or you can’t face the meltdown of the snow suit!

  1.  Cyrillus baby alpaca sweatshirt and harems outfit £47
  2. Boden ears hat and mittens £24.50
  3. Petit Bateau stripe hooded jacket
  4. Olivier Baby cashmere booties, biscuit £28

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