Spotted: a really sweet and useful dress

  1. M&S long sleeve denim dress with collar £20
  2. Suede tassel boots, Mothercare £22
  3. Condor ribbed tights £11.50 – seems like a lot for tights but these are good quality and get a lot of wear!
  4. Original saltwater sandals £38

Hi! Just a quick one!

I ordered this dress for my girls while I was sat in an airport lounge waiting for my delayed flight to arrive. I completely forgot about it and arrived home to a parcel and was so pleasantly surprised. It’s really cute and simple and,most importantly, useful!

Perfect with a pair of sandals for this strange, cloudy and warm but still a bit nippy summer. And will also be gorgeous with ribbed tights and desert boots or Mary Janes in Autumn.

It’s only from M&S!  My girls wore theirs today and so many people said how lovely they were!

I have to love you and leave you now as my 5 year old is trying every trick in the book to stay downstairs. She’s just said she thinks she has nits!!!!!

Sarah xxx


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