And what I have inside it..

So, we’re on our travels and we’re having an absolute blast so far. Of course we’ve had our fair share of tear-our-hair-out moments and a few #parentfails along the way (no, of course I didn’t let my one year old eat every packet of overly salted pretzels he was offered on the plane. Nor did I accept every glass of bubbly on the flight. Definitely not. Ahem.)

I thought I would write this now before I forget.

The flight was totally fine. Not what I would call an enjoyable 8 hours but not horrific by any means.

Rupert tripped up in the departure lounge and had the biggest apple on his head before we had even boarded the plane. No one napped, but all in all it was fine. All the little surprises I had put in the girls backpacks kept them entertained for big chunks and we broke up the flight with snacks and toilet breaks and the odd movie (or walk up the aisle in Rupert’s case.) Weirdly, we’ve  had a couple of short domestic flights which have been much more difficult. And the jet lag, again, manageable. Rupert woke at 3am the first day but we kept him up and he’s now waking at 7.30 local time, better  than at home! The girls took a day and a couple of naps to adjust.

Anyway, now that I’m away I wanted to share my new fave find with you..

I have a new basket.

I do love a basket and normally the bigger the better but this time I have gone for something slightly more compact.

The day before we left, I was dusting all my summer staples off and discovered my basket was not up to the job. It had a hole in the bottom and the straps were looking precarious. I could totally have gone without and bought one here but I knew I would need it straight away and it would annoy me. Sooo, I found this little beauty on The Tipi. I discovered this fabulous little shop on Instagram and we eventually realised we  both live in the same area. Naomi literally saved the day and got one ready for me to collect that afternoon.

Well, little did I realise how much I would love this basket. It is just perfect. It’s not so big that you keep adding to the junk you have accumulated without clearing it out every night and stuff ends up swimming around at the bottom. But it’s not so small that you need other bags too. I have been able to get away with just this and shoving towels in the basket of the stroller every day. And I think it looks great too. I was holding out for the Rae Feather backpack but I don’t think I will anymore!

Have a look at these pics of it in action and check out my little (still slightly cringe) vlog below to see what I have fit inside mine! You might have to put the phone /screen horizontally as I’m not very good at any of the technical things!

Oh and PS. It fits the biggest of my M&S clear toiletry bags in which contains nappies, wipes, nappy sacks etc. And in the little medicine bag that I wave around I have the following:

  • Lucas Paw paw ointment
  • Calpol sachets
  • Plasters
  • Teething gel
  • Teetha granules
  • Hairbobbles
  • Tissues
  • Sudacrem tube

Sienna basket £23, The Tipi



  1. Rachel Sarah Heath says:

    I love the dresses that you’re wearing in your photos above. Maybe you need to help us ladies out with our own clothes too, not just the children!! Glad to read that
    you’re having a great holiday. x


    • Hip Mini Style says:

      Ah thank you Rachel I’ve only just seen this! I rarely shop for myself these days! Most of my stuff is from Asos or zara! Xx


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