This is a bit later than I had planned but we’ve been going to bed at the same time as the kids while we’ve been away so I’ve not really had much time! We hadn’t planned on that. We could easily hang out on the balcony with a bottle of wine or even arrange babysitters. But Rupes has been doing his usual trick of refusing any cot that’s not his own, so he’s been sleeping in my arms. I get him to sleep and then nod off myself!! So rock and roll. Although we (Rob and I) both do feel so rested for it! It’s just so amazing to be in hotels and not have any chores to do or argue about! No restraints and no jobs, no tidying, no cooking, no washing. We only have to think about what we feel like doing and I’m such a sucker for a hotel breakfast. I just never want it to end!

Anyway back to the point! The girls wore black dungarees to travel in.. I knew they would be rolling around on the dirty airport floor, eating (and spilling) meals on the go and just generally getting filthy. But I didn’t want them to look like the little grot bags they are when we arrived at our swanky NYC hotel..

Black dungarees are the perfect solution. They don’t show up any dirt, the ‘bib’ bit at the front disguises most drips of food, drink or colouring pen accidents. Plus, they look pretty darn cute too.

Of course, we’d barely entered the airport before we had our first spillages. Rose splodged porridge down her front and Hattie had a laughing-with-orange-juice -in-her-mouth malfunction.

As you can see from the pics, when we arrived in a very hot and muggy Manhattan they still looked fairly presentable (if a little exhausted).

I adopted the same principle for Rupert. His was the grey HM romper which has been featured here before. When we got to NYC we whipped off the top he was wearing underneath and voila- one cool and breezy baby!

While on the plane, I changed all three kids into cotton onesies. I packed three navy babygrows for Rupert (again dirt disguising). I find the all-in-one aspect helps against any nasty chills on the sometimes freezing plane and it kept his feet covered so he didn’t pick up any foot diseases on the many many trips up and down the aisles.

I have featured a similar outfit for the girls before in my dungarees post, but now you get to see them in action!

This is Rupert obliterating all calm in the airport lounge by screaming “AIRPLAAANE” and banging the window. He did this for a good 40 minutes. but at least it kept him in the same spot! Rose looks like she’s being helpful and calmimg here. she wasnt, she was totally egging him on!!!


dirt proof dungas- perfect travel attire

  1. John Lewis black dungarees now £14
  2. Next stripe long sleeve tee £4.50
  3. Boden grey jersey dungarees now £15 These are a cute alternative for bigger girls and they look so comfy!!
  4. Next white tee £3 – I took a spare top in my bag in case of any accidents. Changed them into these when we got to New York so they were a bit cooler.

  1. Hm romper – this has actually sold out now :(.But the Petit Bateau dungarees are a cute alternative or if you have a bigger boy I would get the same ones as the girls from John Lewis.
  2. Petite Bateau Breton bodysuit  £25 or this one from John Lewis for £18
  3. Next 3 pack baby grows £16
  4. A catchy bib

the other things they wore

  1. Next stripe hoody £16
  2. Kids Headphones £13
  3. M&s backpack £20
  4. M&S onesy £15

literally racing theough the aiport

excuse the way im snarling at my husband. He was waltzing through the airport taking pictures of me pushing one kid, with one strapped to my back and one dangling off the side of the pram . How did that happen?!

never mind the empire state building, Rupes is totally sparko in the pram




  1. chelby10 says:

    Great pic’s (and post for that matter) can I ask about your Pockit Stroller? did you only use in the airport and carry it on or did you use it at any point in NYC? (i’m thinking of getting one but cant decide if its worth the money)


    • Hip Mini Style says:

      Hi! Thank you! I used it in the airport and have used it a lot on the trip so far. I have a three year old as well as the 1 year old so she gets tired and we have used it when we’ve known there is lots of walking to do. Are you in the uk? I got it from Mothercare with a coupon from gurgle magazine that gives you £20 off so it didn’t cost too much overall. It’s been really handy as a second buggy or if we’re going somewhere not buggy friendly as its so light!

      Liked by 1 person

      • chelby10 says:

        Ok great! Yes I’m in the uk so mothercare sounds great. Thanks for responding. I’ve been dying to ask someone how it handles and have never had the chance. Have a great time in NYC xx


      • Hip Mini Style says:

        Yes it handles well for such a lightweight pram. It does feel a bit flimsy but I think that’s a because it’s so light. We’ve been pushing my 3.5 year old around in it all holiday and it’s been super xx

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Helena says:

    Ah the Bee is just the best, we had it from birth and still occasionally use for our 3 1/2 year old to sleep in. The best money we ever spent!


    • Hip Mini Style says:

      I know I love it! We got t when Rose was a baby and it’s been all over the place. Had the cameleon, the donkey and the baby jogger city mini but none compare to my beloved bee!! Xx


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