My first vlog and some handy hints for packing for your kids..

I know I’ve been going on about packing and you’re all probably very bored by it! But we’re finally on our way and while I was in the thick of it last night, following a hectic afternoon at Hattie’s birthday party (which btw she LOVED), I decided to try my hand at a vlog!

Turns out I’m really quite camera shy and very awkward so apologies for that!! But you might find some of this useful, especially if you are going on a trip with a couple of stops.

This isn’t a “what to take” list. More of a “how to take it”. 

A couple of tips which didn’t make the cut purely because it would have been very long and I was cringing at my voice too much are…

  1. Try and use a spare room to get all your things out a couple of weeks before. I dont have a spare room these days so I started getting everything out in our dining room and banished everyone from it. this really help as you can see if you’re missing anything important and still have time to buy it.
  2. Get lightweight suitcases. The lightest you can possibly find! Firstly this will help you through the airport. But it’s absolutely essential to make sure your luggage allowance isn’t taken up by a heavy suitcase.. especially with so many airlines imposing strict weight restrictions these days. 
  3. Use your hand luggage allowance. Most airlines are happy for you to check in your hand luggage. You’re usually allowed 10kg per passenger and your kids are not going to be using theirs, so if you’re struggling for space just add another 10kg bag as hand luggage and check it in!
  4. Don’t do it the night before. I’m yet to follow this advice myself and wish I could be more organised but I just don’t seem to be able to do much until the night before in a mad rush. I’ve always been the same, even at school I wouldn’t be able to start on an essay until the night before. But if you’re not like me then do save yourself the rushing about and do what you can in advance. It’s best not to be tired and grumpy on the plane with toddlers 😉 

I hope some of this is helpful, let me know your thoughts and your best packing tips too! 

Happy holidays!

Sarah xx



  1. Tasha Winburn says:

    This is brilliant! Love those bags! I always pack the kids cloths in large sandwich bags 🙈 to keep each thing separate by those are much better! Will be purchasing before we next go away! Thanks! Have a fab holiday xxx


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