#HIPMINISTYLED: your (mini) fashion problems solved 

Fancy dresses for your not so little lady..

Amy got in touch this week and asked for help dressing her ‘tall’ 6 year old daughter for a wedding in August..

I have been procrastinating with my holiday packing and looking for any excuse not to do it so I have been scouring around for Amy!

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Most of the lovely summer dresses have been on the shelves since May so there’s now such a limited selection of styles and sizes left. And also weirdly a lot of pretty dresses seem to stop at age 5-6. Plus, I’m quite fussy.. I don’t like strappy straps on little girls’ dresses. A small sleeve or frill is much sweeter looking and more practical too in this country as it saves you having to ruin it with a cardigan.

I have rambled on about my feelings on ‘formal wear’ before and basically I don’t like anything formal on kids. I have found a whole bunch of lovely dresses which should be perfect for the occasion. There are a range of prices here although most are on sale. I will usually splash out on one or two dresses that I know will get plenty of wear at weddings, birthday parties or in the evenings on holidays. Hattie has the pale blue Boden one which is now on sale and she’s already worn it a number of times. I have had my eye on the blush pink La Coqueta smocked one for a while!!

Also this is a quite a pale and muted palette for me but I love it! They’re soft and pretty and perfect for summer (if we ever get one).

clockwise from left

  1. Mango dress £19.99
  2. Pepa and Co blue stripe frill dress £33.60 this is available in a few sizes still but there is also a very similar one at Trotters here which is also beautiful
  3. La Coqueta hair garland £18
  4. La Coqueta blush pink smocked dress £54
  5. Boden pale blue best dress £39.60
  6. La Redoute embroidered cotton scalloped edge dress £10.50
  7. La Redoute Ivory frill dress £23
  8. Condor pointelle summer socks £5.95
  9.  Mary Janes in porcelain from Pisamonas £34.95 THese only go to a size 9 which is very annoying. La Coqueta also sell them and fdo these for older ones. Other options are these sparkly mary janes from Boden. Hattie has them and ADORES them and I can cope with the glitter as they’re such a classic shape – they’re also £17 in the sale! These Rose gold mary janes from M&S are another option. Or as it’s a summer wedding I think the Avarcas Menorcan sandals in sand would look lovely and smart too. (they’re £21)
  10. La Coqueta floral hair band £26
  11. Olivier Baby Liberty print 3/4 sleeve dresses £29.40

Hope you like them Amy!




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