This is the story of my journey to children’s shoe salvation. 
I know I sound dramatic. As you might have noticed, I am a huge champion of children’s footwear brand, Pisamonas. It’s literally heaven-sent. Here’s why..

I have long lamented the state of kids’ shoes in the UK. Is there anything more depressing than the disappointment when you take your first baby for their first pair of shoes?  It’s a milestone. You’ve waited months for them to start walking. They finally get up and go. You race to the shops only to be faced with purple shoes, with a pink flower. Or perhaps a bit of diamanté.

I dared to ask for navy shoes, plain navy shoes. Not navy shoes with a pink butterfly and not navy shoes with purple rubber toe cap. Just Plain. Navy. Shoes. The look on the shop assistant’s face made me feel ashamed. As though I was putting vanity before the health of my child’s feet. Obviously I wanted the best fitting shoes, I just didn’t want them to dominate (ruin) her sweet little outfits. Really timidly and politely, I asked the lady if she could bring out anything in Hattie’s size that wasn’t pink or purple. We left the shoe shop that day with a pair of boys shoes. They were great and simple. And not pink.

I feel quite strongly about the whole gender-stereotyping thing. I’ve mentioned in the past that my superhero-loving younger daughter is forced to wear boys’ underpants and it really baffled and frustrated me that there weren’t any options for girls’ shoes that weren’t garishly ‘girly’ and downright tacky.

I did often spot nice shoes in Zara and other high street stores but they rarely fitted well on my kids’ chubby feet and I worried how supportive they were.

So what’s a mama to do? We are lucky enough to spend lots of time in Spain and I noticed that all the girls over there wear simple, classic shoes. Mary Janes, t-bars, desert boots, menorcan sandals, pumps, all unisex (apart from the Mary Janes), all good quality. From then on, I bought all my children’s footwear from local shoe shops over there and I resigned myself to this ridiculous shoe buying situation.

Until…thank the Lord, we found Pisamonas!! Halle-frickin-lujah. Not only are they a Spanish brand who ship free to the uk (fast), sell all the shoes I coveted in every colour, shape, style and size. But they also offer free exchanges and returns. This was one of the major things for me. I was always dubious buying shoes online. What I actually do is order the shoes and take my kids into the mainstream shoe shops and ask, “are their shoes fitting well or have they grown?” Cheeky I know, but you get the peace of mind that your kids are in correctly fitting shoes so who cares?

The Pisamonas shoes are beautifully made and they don’t break the bank. The purple and pink monstrosities I mentioned were in the region of £40 (sometimes £50!) whereas most of the Pisamonas range are £15-25. You really can’t go wrong.

Seeing as we’re such fans, Pisamonas kindly sent us a few extra pairs from their spring/ summer range to add to our enormous collection! These are what we chose and here are some shots of them in action. We love them all!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset

She looks so angelic here (the camera lies)

Rose is wearing the Nubuck Avarcas Menorcan sandals. These are actually my favourites. They go with every single outfit and in grown up sizes too and I’m contemplating a pair for myself for our holiday. Rose has very very chubby wide feet (like little bread rolls or potatoes) so we had to size up in this style.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Rupert got the stone washed T-bars £19.95 in light brown. So cute and comfortable. The perfect summer shoe for a tot.

Hattie is wearing the Avarcas Menorcan sandals £21.95 in sand

Here Hattie is in her favourites, the lace up trainers £23.95. The floral laces and interior are so pretty and this colour-way seems to go with every outfit. Rose is wearing the laceless pumps £19.95 These are so useful and come in so many great colours. She wears them all the time.Processed with VSCO with p5 preset

These buckle up espadrilles £15.95 are really cute and useful too. Hattie has been wearing these with jeans a t-shirt and also with dresses. They are described as ‘Espadrille wedge’ but there is definitely no wedge on them!

I could have bought the whole shop as there are shoes for every occasion! These were the others on my wish list! The suede riptape loafers are perfect, smarter shoes for little boys who like to run around as slip-on loafers can slip on and off too easily! Also these striped linen espadrilles are so simple and gorgeous – I have bought the beige ones for myself!!


Pisamonas literally are the perfect kids’ shoe store and they have summer covered. We just need some decent weather now so we can show them off!

Sarah xx

Please note, I received these shoes free of charge in exchange for writing a review but I would never recommend something I didn’t personally love or want to buy!


4 thoughts on “THE SHOE PEOPLE 

  1. Emma says:

    Oscar literally won’t take them off his feet. Great recommendation and brilliantly quick delivery . Am going to order more for Charlie. Ps I actually think I got £5 off so they cost about £12! Bargainous!!!


  2. Helena says:

    Agh this is shoe torture! Pisamonas, please ship to the US! Sun sans have been seeing us through but after three years I am sick of the sight of them!


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