Hip Mini Style’s guide to stress free, inexpensive gift giving..

I don’t know about you, but we seem to have a constant stream of kids’ birthday parties and presents to buy. Hattie only started school in September so we have years to come, but most weekends already feature a jelly and ice cream fuelled shindig and the prezzies could end up costing you a small fortune if you’re not clever.

I am the most unorganised person. I leave everything to the last minute and I’m ridiculously forgetful. But at the same time, I like to give nice gifts. I would never send one of my kids to a party with something they (I) wouldn’t want them to receive.

Soooo, I’ve rounded up my picks of go-to,  non-tat, good quality, fun pressies that don’t cost the earth but are still lovely. Everything is around £10-15 or less and the best bit of all- MOST ARE AVAILABLE ON AMAZON PRIME!! 

Amazon Prime has literally changed and saved my life so many times as a mummy. Whether it’s been an urgent piece of baby equipment that I had to have immediately, or last minute holiday toiletry and most often the frantic, last minute present panic. You can actually get Amazon Now in some areas which is just mind blowingly good- they deliver your item as soon as 1 hour after you place the order. I’ve not had to resort to it yet, but I’m sure once Rupert starts with all the parties too I’ll be their best customer. Ooh and you can order as late as 10pm to get delivery the following day with Next! So SO handy 🙂

ps. I have split the gifts into ‘girls’ and ‘boys’ but obviously it depends on the child!

Hope this is helpful! Let me know!

Sarah xx

Baby’s 1st Birthday..

I don’t know why these eggs are such a hit, they just are. I still find Hattie (almost 5) playing with them!  They’re so cheap and cheerful – a must have. The red shape sorting bucket is another of these mysteriously popular items. There’s really nothing special about it and you can get much fancier options but this is a winner. I don’t know if its the handle? (it was Hattie’s first ‘handbag’ ) or the colours but they love it. We take it to the beach too. The 2 piece jigsaws are fantastic. Easy enough for toddlers to do without any help and feel so proud of themselves! The Shopping List game is a staple – they can play it from really young and the whole family can join in. I’ve mentioned the Alain Gree books before – they have the sweetest illusttations and really busy pages that big and littke ones spend ages pointing at. Finally little backpacks are a handy gift to give at this age. Most mums are getting tired of using a nappy bag to carry around all their toddlers stuff/ junk so it’s quite nice to have their own little bag of toys and snacks for when you’re out and about. Ooh and fishy bubble machine. It’s the best one by far. Ours is still going strong 4years (and lots of bubble parties) on! These animal Russian dolls are also great.

  1. Tomy Hide and Squeak eggs £6.99
  2. Melissa and Doug wooden food £13.49
  3. Melissa & Doug magnetic dress up £8 
  4. Melamime 7 piece dining set £14.50
  5. Alain Gree Alphabet book £9.40
  6. Cath Kidston mini back pack £12
  7. Orchard toys shopping list game £5.72
  8. Pop up farm animals toy £7.62
  9. Fisher Price bucket of shapes £7.98
  10. Orchard toys 2 piece jigsaws £6.50
  11. ELC bubble machine £14.99
  12. Wow! Police car £12.46


clockwise from top left

So! I don’t know where to start! The Melissa & Doug wooden bead sets are lovely and come in lots of different colours and styles. Andrea Beaty’s books (Rosie Revere, Iggy Peck, Madame Chapeau) are just wonderful, rhyming, beautifully illustrated, inspiring children’s books. My kids know them off by heart! Hours of role-play have been had making picnics, cafes, birthday parties with the tin tea set, wooden cakes and lollipops! Kinetic sand is a big hit – its like a less-messy cross between sand and playdough. The mosaic jewellery box is really cute and it can be done by number for bigger kids or just any old way by younger. It’s a sweet gift and the finished jewellery box is actually quite handy! The wooden jigsaw comes in a frame which really helps them do it on their own – I’ve always found these great as the pieces are wooden they’re easier to slot together. Finger nail  stickers are also the source of much delight! You can get animals and space too, much better than nail polish! These scratch art notelets are brilliant if like mine your kids are obsessed with writing secret letters and cards. The rainbow projector and projector torch are so so cool. And finally! The disco light speaker thingy, possibly the best gift we’ve ever received. They can literally turn their bedrooms into a party.

  1. Melissaand Doug bead set £9.99
  2. Le Toy Van wooden ice lollies £14.93
  3. Rosie Revere Engineer hardback book £6.64 and Happy birthday Madame Chapeau hardback
  4. Russian dolls £10.99
  5. Rainbow light projector £15.99
  6.  Fairy and Unicorn projector torch £5.40
  7. Tin tea set in basket £14.79
  8.  Kinetic sand ice cream set £9.99
  9. Wooden  tea party cakes £9.99
  10. Decorate your own mosaic by numbers  jewellery box
  11. Scooter basket £11.99
  12. Bluetooth disco light party speaker £11.99
  13. Big beautiful cupcake colouring book £12
  14.  musical jewellery box £9.97
  15. HM Sparkle watermelon bag £7.99 also this ice cream one from M&S £12
  16. 48 piece unicorn wooden jigsaw £7.99
  17.  Butterfly fingernail stickers £4.99
  18.  Dressing up sticker book £5.99
  19.  Wooden birthday cake £11.86
  20. Scooter / bike streamers £4.99


The Maps and Animalium books are so big and beautiful and just a lovely thing to have and to give. They’re £20 in Waterstones so they’re a great deal – a really lovely present. The watch is really cheap but the kids all love them and they do actually help to learn time telling, bought my nephew this for xmas and he wears it everyday 🙂 Hooded towels are a nice practical gift useful for swimming lessons and holidays. The doorbell house is supposed to be for younger ones but I know so many bigger kids who play with this still. Hattie hides all sorts of things behind the doors. Bristle blocks are an old classic but still a goodie and scooter bags are cute and mean they can carry their own junk around instead of clogging up your bag!

  1. scratch art pad £6.99
  2. Dig up a dinosaur tin £8.30
  3. Schleich T-Rex £13
  4. Maps hardback book £13.60
  5. Gap glow in the dark skeleton pyjamas £14.95
  6. Batman perfume £6.99
  7. learn to tell the time watch £7 or this one for £14.79
  8. Cath Kidston scooter bag £12
  9. Bug Safari £7.99
  10. Towelling poncho £16
  11. 50 piece set of bristle blocks £11
  12. Melissa and Doug doorbell locks and keys house £19
  13. Tap Tap Art £8.69
  14. Animal projector torch £5.48 (also comes in dinosaur)

4 thoughts on “PARTY PEOPLE

  1. Sophie says:

    Love this post!!! I’m a soon to be mummy so this is very helpful as I find it so hard to know what’s useful and what’s not as I don’t have kids just yet. Def need to save this to my favourites! Thanks!


  2. Victoria Smith says:

    This is so useful thank you!
    As a new ‘Party’ Mummy anything that makes things that bit easier is so helpful – great post!


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