How to keep your boys looking and feeling cool as the weather hots up..

Firstly, sorry to everyone who received this post earlier via email with no content! That’s taught me a lesson about leaving my iPad near my one year old!

Anyhow, the sunshine has well and truly made an appearance and my edit of boys’ summer clothes is ready just in time!

My main tip for a stylish boys look is to turn up the sleeves of their tshirts. Makes them look instantly cool. I’d also do the same to their trousers.

This has been a tricky one. The shops are awash with garish, bright, slogany, cartoony, checkered yucky things. I mean, cargo shorts?! Who invented those things!!! Ghastly. It’s literally like they go, “oh it’s summer! Time to roll out the geeky british tourist look for all the boys”. I’m hoping I’ve managed to pull together some cool looks, thank heavens for Mango and Zara, although they did have their fair share of printed tshirts. Avoid Gap at all costs, tried so hard to find stuff in there as they do such good sales. EVERYTHING was hideous

Oh and please do tag or send on any pics of your #hipministyled kiddies 🙂 I love seeing them!

Sarah x

outfits left to right

  1. Zara textured blue shirt £15.99
  2. Zara linen drawstring shorts £12.99 stock going low on these – these ones are just as nice and v similar
  3. Pisamonas striped espadrilles £14.95
  4. Zara stripe tshirt £8.99
  5. Zara mustard shorts £12.99
  6. Pisamonas navy sandals £21.95
  7. Navy tshirt £2.99 – i would buy a few of these
  8. Gap Denim shorts £19.95
  9. Cyrillus white pumps £21

clockwise from top left

  1. Next white V neck tshirt £6
  2. 2 pack of drawstring shorts £14 I loove these, they’re comfortable but look really cool and quite smart too
  3. Zara navy tshirt £4.99 – another option is this lighter blue one  
  4. Vertbaudet chinos £11.90 turn them up at the bottom
  5. Sun San saltwater sandals £38
  6. Mango striped tshirt £9.99
  7. Vertbaudet grey ‘birkenstock’ sandals £12.50
  8. Mango navy chinos  £19.99 They come in lots of colours, all lovely

clockwise from top left

  1. John Lewis Polarn O Pyret Long sleeve breton top £20
  2. Cos grey cardigan £27
  3. Zara check shirt £12.99
  4. Next khaki shorts £10
  5. M&S suede loafers  £26 (these come without the riptape on older kids)
  6. John Lewis joggers £14
  7. Crocs ( !!!) £29.99
  8. Mango denim drawstring shorts £19.99


  1. Zara shirt £15.99 this one is also nice
  2. Next 3/4 sleeve baseball tee £6
  3. Mango grey tshirt £3.99 Buy a few and turn up the sleeves!
  4. John Lewis plaited brown leather belt £8
  5. Pisamonas laced espadrilles £25
  6. Vertbaudet ‘birkenstocks’ £12.50
  7. Zara navy belted shorts £12.99


  1. Cos pale blue shirt £23
  2. Mango blue  cotton shirt £15.99
  3. John Lewis Polarn O Pyretnavy v neck cardigan £24
  4. Cos striped grey/ blue  shirt £27
  5. Mango stripe cotton shorts £22.99
  6. M&S suede loafers £30
  7. Grey sweatshirt £9.99 and slim fit chinos £19.99
  8. Mango rusty coloured shorts £15.99
  9. Zara light grey tshirt £2.99
  10. Pisaamonas laceless pumps £19.99
  11. John Lewis denim shirt £14.99 wear this open over the tshirt
  12. Navy shorts £12.99 

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