Morning and happy weekend everyone!

It’s a been a crazy old half term week, not helped by the wintery-est of weather. But we’ve had lots of fun nevertheless. The best days have been the days we didn’t make any plans and just took our time at home and did whatever we felt like. Funny how the simplest of things can make the kids so happy and not having to rush around makes things so much more fun. I mean, peeling carrots and potatoes for their dinner and doing the washing up, who knew?? Lights out and loud music made for a ‘disco’ and so much energy burned bopping about! The girls got to work cutting up all our old birthday cards and making puppets with lolly pop sticks. So it’s been busy, but good busy and so nice to have all three at home together playing (and fighting).

Normal service will resume on here this week when I’m back to the rush of the school run (I really find it so hard and I’m always late!!).

I’m going to start doing some regular features and thought I would start sharing full details of my kids’outfits of the day (#ootd). Obviously Hattie is in uniform all week so I’ll be posting one weekend outfit a week. Being in school also means she’s desperate to be let loose on her wardrobe at the weekends so there is a lot of self styling that goes on. Sorry about that!!

So this was us last weekend- picnic in the park, a farm visit and plenty of scooting and rolling around in the grass.

what Rupert wore

  1. Zara basics tshirt £2.99 Rupert actually wore a collarless denim shirt but it’s (hopefully) getting warmer now
  2. Next stripe knit joggers £8
  3. Pisamonas menorcan sandals £21.95 – Rupert wore sun sans but these look just as cute and half the price
  4. A ball!!! The most essential item. We can go anywhere without a ball for Rupes!

what Rose wore

  1. Next chambery romper £11
  2. Next long sleeve Breton 
  3. Tan saltwater sun San sandals 
  4. Numi kids Matilda bow

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset  

what Hattie wore


  1. Next blouse £14
  2. Verbaudet skirt £10.20 (Hattie’s was a polka dot one we bought in Spain ages ago. This navy broderie is a cute alternative)
  3. La Coqueta ribbed socks £6
  4. Pisamonas navy pumps
  5. La coqueta ears headband £12

    . Hattie’s is from Zara and is cheaper but it’s sold out in afraid!

Processed with VSCO with m3 preset

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset


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