The sun’ll come out tomorrow..Hattie is singing those very words as I write this. The sun has been coming in and out like a jack-in-a-box and thankfully Hipministyle has summer style sewn up. Today it’s boys, 0-3yrs..

Bigger boys will be up next. Sorry it’s coming in dribs and drabs but it’s been a bit crazy in our household recently and now it’s half term which means I will literally not stop talking for one minute for 10 whole days. I’ll be answering so  many many questions, mediating arguments (battles), calming tantrums (some my own), bribing, negotiating, begging etc. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have it any other way and I love having everyone at home, but it’s pretty full on. I suppose it’s quite good preparation for the 9 weeks of summer holidays which are looming! Is anyone else tired of hearing their own voice at the end of the day? My favourite thing to do once everyone is in bed is just sit in silence. Absolute silence.

Anyway, I’ve been totally sidetracked. Here you have it! Baby- toddler boys’ hipmini summer staples. All from the high street, none that will break the bank and all in stock, for now.

I know some people might think my boys’ style is boring, but I really, really think simple is better when it comes to boys. If you want a fail safe boys’ summer look and don’t want to splash out, just get a load of £2.99 Zara navy t-shirts and steer away from anything orange or green, who actually suits those colours anyway?! And roll up their trousers or jeans at the bottom. Looks really cute when they’re wearing sandals / birks.

Oh and by the way, when Zara are out of stock in things I click the ’email me when back in stock’ tab and things generally seem to come back in a few days. Defo worth doing if you really want something.

One final thing. I’m quite new to boys sizing etc, but shorts seem to fit for a long time. So Rupert at 15 months weirdly still fits 3-6 month shorts from last year. I would be tempted to size down so they’re ‘short’ shorts and not long baggy things.

Clockwise from top left

  1. Next shirt and shorts set £13
  2. Saltwater sun san sandals £38
  3. HM dungarees £14.99 and HM tshirt bodysuit £5.99 – these are bodies are soo useful – they look like ts-shirts but they’ve got poppers. great for under dungarees and actually really cute on a hot holiday just on their own for a baby
  4. Next neutral dungarees £13
  5. M&S grey dungarees and stripe tshirt £18 I also like these shorts – they’re sweet shape and pure cotton but they come in a set with a horrible t-shirt. For £12 you could discard the t-shirt
  6. Next grey romper £9

  1. M&S sailor romper suit (comes with a sweet matching flap hat) £16
  2. Zara Navy tshirt £2.99 I would buy a few of these
  3. HM stripe knit shorts £7.99
  4. Pisamonas canvas t-bar pumps £19.95
  5. Boden shorts and tshirt set £18.37 Also very cute in the navy and yellow. Boden stuff always washes amazingly too
  6. The Little White Company stripe dungarees and tshirt £22
  7. HM grey romper suit £12.99

  1. Zara navy short dungarees £12.99
  2. HM Canvas t bar shoes £6.99
  3. HM collarless long sleeve tshirt £3.99 get this one too while you’re on there
  4. Pisamonas laceless pumps £19.95
  5. Off white buttoned t-shirt £5.99 – only from 18months up
  6. Mango stripe collarless shirt £15.99  – this is a lovely seer sucker fabric
  7. Next dark red chinos £9
  8. Zara navy and white stripe t-shirt £6.99
  9. Navy shorts £7
  10. M&S stripe shirt £12

left to right

  1. Zara Navy t-shirt (as above) £2.99
  2. Zara linen roll up drawstring trousers  £12.99
  3. Pisamonas sandals £21.95
  4. Next stripe long sleeve tee £4.50
  5. HM Khaki jersey shorts £6.99
  6. Sun San sandals as above
  7. Zara tshirt £6.99
  8. HM joggers £7.99 these are really lightweight and breezy also love these if they are in stock
  9. Pisamonas tbar shoes

Clockwise from top left

  1. Next check shirt £11 (roll up sleeves)
  2. Zara red shorts £8.99
  3. Multi pack of basic grey tees with pocket £11
  4. Zara birk style sandals £19.99 or these £16.95
  5. Next 2 pack collarless linen shirts
  6. Mango rust chinos £16.99
  7. M&S blue tshirt £6
  8. Mango cotton stripe trousers £15.99
  9. Mango navy cotton chinos £15.99
  10. Zara stripe tshirt £8.99
  11. Pisamonas sandals as above
  12. Linen ticking stripe shirt £9

clockwise from top left

  1. Zara dungarees £15.99
  2. Hm henley tshirt £2.99
  3. Navy and stripe 2 pack t-shirts £6.99
  4. M&S T-shirt with pocket £6
  5. Zara shorts £8.99
  6. Zara navy rolled up trousers £12.99 we also have these (£9.99) and I love them
  7. Linen shirt 9.99 also comes in white
  8. drawstring shorts £12.99
  9. Navy sun san surfer sandals as above





  1. Rachael says:

    Looking good- my 0-3 year old does NOT need any more clothes but I’m struggling to resist some of these capsule pieces


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