As promised, a summer wardrobe that will see your little girl through the endless school holidays and (if yours are anything like mine) the continuous diva outfit changes.

We’re finally getting a taste of summer and it feels so good. Our Saltwater sandals are out and they’re not going back in. They’re actually waterproof so we don’t mind a bit of rain..better than soggy trainers right?

For me, summer style is all about cool, comfortable outfits that they can run wild and tear up the park in. We want our girls to be free to climb trees and paddle in streams and not be restricted by prissy frilly socks or billowing long ‘party’ dresses (bleurgh). Shorts and a cute top is probably the most practical look but if, like me, you have a girly girl who refuses to wear anything but dresses, they need to be manageable and not made of yucky fabric. I often shorten my girls dresses or buy the size down to make sure they’re a more practical (and more stylish) length. And on holidays, simple pieces that are easy to throw on and off are all you need.

So here it is, a (rather large) capsule wardrobe for your daughter, which should prepare you for any occasion, dressing up or down and mixed and matched. I found so much lovely stuff in Next, you still need to sift through a lot and sometimes things can look great but fit badly or be poor quality but they have really upped their game over the last year. And these items are all tried and tested by Hip Mini : )


ps. I know I feature the Saltwater Sun Sans sandals on most of the outfits but that’s because my girls wear them with EVERYTHING. They literally go with everything and make anything look cool. My fave colours are tan, navy and dark brown. But we have had red in the past too and loved them. I also love to dress down a dress with the Pisamonas pumps.

summer blues

  1. Striped navy dress £8
  2. Gap Chambray playsuit £20
  3. Pisamonas menorcan sandals £21
  4. Next smocked denim blouse £10
  5. M&S broderie anglaise top £10
  6. Zara Denim shorts £10.99
  7. Mango long sleeve blouse £16.99


mini monochrome

  1. Gap gingham dress £19.95 this goes up to age 5
  2. Red Original Saltwater sandals £38
  3. Zara grey gingham dress £19 goes up to age 4 I’m also in LOOVE with this 
  4. Mini Basic monochrome print dress £23– this is beautiful and lightweight and comes with a matching bag! Goes up to age 7
  5. Next lace up sandals £14
  6. Next jersey stripe dress £11

Best of Broderie

  1. Next broderie embroidered top £16
  2. Next scalloped denim shorts £11 and bigger here
  3. Next white blouse £14
  4. Next embroidered denim shorts £13
  5. Zara boxy denim top £8.99 up to age 4 – this is an alternative for older kids for £6
  6. Zara ochre star print skirt £15.99
  7. Originial Saltwater sandals £38
  8. Zara white dress £22.99
  9. Emile et Ida Liberty print shorts £18.95
  10. Next Sandals £16
  11. HM grey broderie Anglaise dress £14

darling dresses

  1. Zara gingham dress £19.99
  2. Next smocked dress £16
  3. Numero 74 dress £21
  4. Greenberry kids dress £35
  5. Hm stripe flap back dress £9.99
  6. Mango White frill sleeve dress
  7. Next monochrome sandals £24 and Zara Navy and tan sandals £12.99


  1. Mini Basic white dress £23
  2. Next denim dress £6.50
  3. Zara pom pom sandals £29.99
  4. Pisamonas pumps £23.95
  5. Zara denim shorts £10.99
  6. Mango top £16.99
  7. Greenberry kids lightweight cotton dress £39 – this one only goes up to age4


  1. Babies and Bows blue dress with Liberty print bow at the back  £28
  2. Saltwater Sandals (as above)
  3. Babies and Bows white linen dress £28– they also do this beautiful little blouse for £19


  1. Greenberry Kids frill collar gingham dress £42– my two favourite things gingham and a collar in one breezy comfy dress
  2. Pisamonas laceless pumps £19.95 These go with anything, look really cute to dress down dresses  girlssummer10
  1. Numi Kids Matilda Liberty  bow £8.50
  2. Next denim denim boxy top £6 or older girls here £6
  3. HM white wide legged cropped jeans – need these for myself
  4. Pom pom sandals as above (Zara)

Here are my #hipmini kids in some of these outfits. (Mainly Hattie, as Rose doesn’t stand still long enough for me to snap her!)



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