#hipministyled: your (mini) fashion problems solved 

So, Abbie got in touch and asked me to help her find “summer shoes. Closed toe but still light weight” for her 2 1/2 year old little man. 

Boys shoes can be a bit of a tough one as there are so many yucky, chunky (not to mention colourful) things out there. It’s hard to sift through them and find something simple that won’t dominate their whole outfit. As you’ve probably figured out by now ‘simple’ is kind of my whole philosophy when it comes to boys’ style, and I don’t think you can beat a classic canvas shoe for the summer.

They’re comfortable, practical and most can be chucked in the washing machine. (If you want to keep the white bits white rub a bit of a Cif on them every now and again).

Ooh and if you missed my pick of “practical” summer / beach shoes have a look at it here!

  1. Pisamonas canvas plimsol £16.50
  2. HM T-bar canvas shoes £6.99 – they also do these in grey and they’re adorable (and unisex in my opinion)
  3. Pisamonas Velcro pumps £23.50
  4. Pisamonas canvas navy t-bar £15.95 
  5. Navy espadrilles £13.95 these have elastic around the heel so they wont slide off like most espadrilles do on kids
  6. Pisamonas laceless pumps £19.95
  7. Superga kids 2750 navy £25 

Now, these are not totally closed toe but still great every day summer shoes for boys. Durable, wearable, smart and as you can see my nephews still climb trees in them. Oof I do love those boys. 

  1. Sunsan Saltwater Shark sandals £40 or here for more sizes. I know these are pricey but I really think they’re worth the money. My kids literally wear them come rain or shine, they’re totally waterproof and can go in the washing machine. This style of sunsan you need to size up in.
  2. Pisamonas menorcan sandals £21.95
  3. La Redoute navy sandals £19 but enter code HEAT and get 25% off

Hope this helps! And please tag me in any of pics of your #hipministyled kiddos!

Sarah xx


4 thoughts on “#hipministyled: your (mini) fashion problems solved 

  1. Sophie C says:

    Can we have one for girls too?? I’ve been looking at the sun san sandals which are featured loads in your posts and undecided whether best to get the open toe or close toe for my 15 month old little girl? Can you help please? X


  2. Emma says:

    Got Boo the Tom ones but need help with Oscar. He’s a size 12.5!!! Ideally love the Supergar ones with Velcro but I don’t think they go big enough. Any marvellous ideas?!? His feet need Hip Mini Styling! Xx


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