#HIPMINISTYLED : your (mini) fashion problems solved

This week Jessica contacted me on Instagram:

“I need help!! How to dress a three month old boy for a wedding at the end of May…I want him to look smart but everything I find when I type in baby boy wedding outfit has a dickie bow”

You’re so right Jessica. When it comes to weddings there is a horrible trend for making little kids look like old men, all formal and stuffy in waist coats and bow ties. Yuck. I’ve given lots of tips on dressing for weddings in this earlier post. But I didn’t include tiny babies in my edit.

Your 3 month old baby mustn’t be in anything too fussy or structured. He needs to be in something smart but most importantly something comfortable. You also don’t want anything too expensive as at that age he really will grow out of it in a few weeks!

So here are my choices. As you can see, the navy ribbed knee high socks are essential to the look and will smarten up any outfit. I find La Coqueta socks are the best quality.

  1. M&S set £26 I don’t normally like ‘sets’ and often discard at least one of the items but all of this looks so sweet! I think it’s my favourite.
  2. Trotters navy sailor romper £30. I think once boys are older they can’t pull off the sailor look without looking a bit fancy dress so make the most of it when they’re little!
  3. Next linen dungarees £13. The tshirt underneath isn’t right for a wedding. So I would pair with this shirt from Pepa and Co (5)
  4. Mamas and Papas linen sailor romper £22. I don’t think this one needs the socks unless it cold as the shorts come down to the knees.
  5. Pepa and Co shirt £36 (as above) sweet with the next dungarees or with some linen shorts (6.)
  6.  Bontot chambray bloomers £14 I adore these. So cute and reasonable too. They’ll be useful throughout the summer to go with t-shirts and also with navy ribbed tights in the winter.
  7. Next linen mix shirt and shorts £13 This is soft material not “linen” as they describe but it’s a nice comfortable fabric and will look so cute with ribbed knee socks (careful with next sizes as they’re often massive)

2 thoughts on “#HIPMINISTYLED : your (mini) fashion problems solved

  1. Sophie Q says:

    Love this!! Getting me so excited now.. Baby due end of July and I will have a few events I will need help getting smart outfits for in October!! What’s it gonna be?!? Boy or girl! As soon as we know I will be on the hunt and will be asking for advice as will be a bit cooler in October…


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