Isn’t she lovely 

Dressing down..Comfy and casual day to day wear for new baby girls.

A baby girl. An exciting world of  beautiful dresses and bloomers and rompers. You buy them all (quite rightly), and they are all exquisite. But more often than not they stay hanging in your baby’s room looking gorgeous. Because the reality is that at this age, most days your baby just needs to be in soft, comfortable clothes not in tights and a dress or knitted bloomers. However beautiful they are. Trust me I know how beautiful they are. 

A reader has been in touch to ask for some help with finding pretty but comfortable one pieces for her (tall) 4 month old baby girl. Sounds easy right? Wrong. Many of the beautiful one pieces don’t go past 6 months. There are lots of other ‘grown up’ clothes on offer but for a non-sitting little baby they don’t look or feel quite right for every day. Once your baby is a few months older you can go all out on the other stuff, but I say while your baby is still snuggly just enjoy those snuggly days in snuggly clothes, and dress up at the weekends or for special occasions.

I found with my girls that their staple daily uniform would be a combination of the following:

• A lovely collared bodysuit or blouse (Peter Pan or frill it doesn’t matter). We had a huge array of these. I was like a crazed collar hunting maniac. I would buy them whenever I came across them. Thankfully they’re a lot easier to come by these days!

• A soft knitted cardigan

• comfortable leggings or even better footed trousers (no faffing around with socks that fall off.)

• Pretty cotton (or knitted)baby grows. I would layer the cardigan over the top of these too (Snow suits and jackets are a real faff with this age so I found a lovely warm cardigan and blankets often did the trick.)

You will also notice that I have a bit of a thing for liberty print. I didn’t quite realise how much until I put this together!!

One more thing.. I don’t often splurge on things but I have found that a good quality cashmere cardigan is worth it. The more pricey one from Olivier baby I have included comes in age 6/12 months so you do get 6 months wear out of it and it can literally be worn over everything as you will see below I’ve included it with most outfits!

  1. Zara cardigan £12.99
  2. Liberty print trousers £34 or these are a cheaper option (not liberty but still cute)
  3. Frill collar bodysuit £24 or cheaper one here for £10.99
  4. Ballet moccasins £24

  1. Boden Pointelle 4 pack £34
  2. Olivier baby cashmere cardigan £59 I know it seems like a lot but as I said earlier, its really so lovely. Definitely one of the things I would splurge on. If you don’t want to splurge This is a cheaper cardigan option. It’s cashmere mix. I have found that these wash well £20
  3. Olivier baby cashmere booties £28

I adore this sweet Boden set (above) I’ve just bought it for a friend’s newborn. Pointelle is perfect on baby girls. It’s so pretty without being fussy and makes simple leggings and vests seem girly.  These HM Pointelle basics are also lovely useful colours and are so cheap. And the vests to mix and match! And these ones too, sorry! But they’re only £2 so you might as well!!

  1. Zara knitted trousers £8.99
  2. Little White Company collared bodysuit £14 HM do a cheaper one for £3.99
  3. Cath Kidston cardigan £26 This is a cool retro pink. Rupert has the boy’s version and it’s really soft and cosy.

Prices left to right below

  1. Mamas and Papas pleated one piece £19
  2. Zara home collar print one piece £19
  3. Petit Bateau one piece £39 (up to 12 months)
  4. Liberty for Mamas & Papas £24  and  This one is cute too for £24
  5. Cyrillus liberty print collar one piece £30 
  6. Cyrillus collar smock one piece £30
  7. Zara home hot air balloon onesy £19 would look cute with this cardigan for £12.99
  8. Cath Kidston Pointelle one piece £24
  9. Cyrillus blue spot liberty print one piece 34 euros  This would look cute with the blue HM cardigan too
  10. I also like this one for £25 and these ones from Next £15

So simple, so cosy and so sweet.

  1. Mango spot organic cotton top and leggings set £9.99 
  2. Cashmere cardigan and booties as above


  1. Liberty for Mamas and Papas cardigan £24 They only have 6-9 months in stock at the mo . This blue HM cardigan is also very sweet and only £12.99.
  2. HM Pointelle leggings £14.99 for a pack of three
  3. HM collared bodysuit £3.99

  1. Hm knitted cardigan and leggings set £17.99
  2. Cyrillus blouse £29
  3. baby ballet moccs £24

  1. Jojo Maman Bebe sleepsuit £16
  2. Cashmere cardigan as above .



2 thoughts on “Isn’t she lovely 

  1. Hip Mini Style says:

    Haha! Just a shopaholic, not a genius, thanks though! Collars for three year olds – Olivier baby do them up to 10 yrs, they have the cutest denim one I’m eyeing up at the mo. Pepa and co also go up to age 8 although their stock is low at the moment . Elfie London – have a couple of really cute ones. there is one called the grace shirt for £27. Love it. Let me know if u get any xxxx


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