Make a splash

Stylish (and reasonable) kids’ swimwear is so hard to come by in the UK.

We’re lucky enough to spend time in Spain so I tend to buy it all over there. The Spanish are in a different league when it comes to dressing little ones and their swimwear is something else. Beautiful prints and fabrics, beautiful shapes, stores dedicated to the sweetest sibling swimwear (and it’s so inexpensive.)

One day I will find a way to bring all of this stuff over to the UK. But in the meantime, I have hunted around for the best that you can get in the UK without paying the earth. Let’s face it. Swimwear gets wrecked, it’s not an investment buy. If you’re lucky enough to escape a green tinge from the swimming pool, there’s the sun cream, sand and chocolate ice cream to contend with.

And if you were wondering why I’m posting this during the May bank holiday that it snowed, when swimsuits feel like a distant dream.  It’s because there are literally one handful of nice bathers out there. If you wait to buy them closer to the summer they will all be gone and you will be stuck with ‘character swimwear’!! Personally I would rather mine go naked.

So here we go..

IMG_5924 (1)

  1. Next gingham tankini £13
  2. Cath Kidston baby swimsuit £14
  3. Gap print swimsuit £12.95
  4. Liberty print bikini bottoms £17
  5. Emile et Ida ruffled bikini bottoms 15 euro (come in other cute colours too)
  6. Gap lemons swimsuit £12.95
  7. Grey floral bikini bottoms £7

Love the shape of this next swimsuit, especially on toddler girls who have those cute little pot bellies! I am also a bit of a gingham freak, I can’t resist it. My girls spent all sunmmer in bikini bottoms, especially at this young age when they’re potty training etc it’s just easier (and so cute). I never EVER advocate a bikini top until much older.


  1. HM leopard print swimsuit £7.99
  2. Next red seersucker swimsuit £12
  3. Dusky pink halter swimsuit
  4. Mango pale pink swimsuit £16.99
  5. Boden blue stripe frill swimsuit £16
  6. The Little White Company basket and flower hair garland 
  7. Watermelon cross body bag and straw hat

These are all lovely simple styles that aren’t too fussy and garish. Just how cute is that watermelon bag with the pompom!? LOVE.

IMG_5893 (3)

  1. Boden stripe swimsuit £14.50
  2. To the moon printed swimsuit  £25
  3. Louis Louise bikini  bottoms
  4. Gap print halter £12.95 
  5. John Lewis pale blue frill swimsuit
  6. yellow Liberty printed bikini bottoms
  7. Chambery bikini bottoms 24 euros
  8. Zara girls straw messenger bag

To the Moon deserves a blog post of its own. It’s a fab Spanish brand that I stumbled across. They do the most beautiful swimwear for all ages and every style comes in the same print so you can have matching siblings. Also, isn’t the lemon liberty print on those bikini bottoms just so pretty?


  1. Polarn O Pyret navy swim shorts £16
  2. Next red stripe shorts £8
  3. HM blue shorts £2.99
  4. M&S stripe shorts £8
  5. HM anchor print shorts £6.99
  6. Cyrillus crab print navy shorts 34 euros
  7. Boden gingham shorts £16.50

I seem to have a bit if a theme with my selection of boys’ swimwear. (And boys’ stuff in general!) Simple, classic, no fuss, lots of blue and lots of stripes.

One of my main things with boys shorts is that they’re not too long. That big baggy boarder look with loads of pockets isn’t cool in my opinion. It’s all about the short shorts. The boden gingham shorts with the contrast pocket are very smart and they do it in the reverse colour way too. I would buy both.

For the younger boys..


  1. Next shark print shorts £14
  2. Howick navy shorts £4.20
  3. Next skinny stripe shorts £10 (these come in a two pack – I don’t love the other pair)
  4. Cyrillus pale blue and yellow 27 euros– these are a tad pricey but theyre so smart I couldn’t resist.
  5. John Lewis blue seersucker £8
  6. Benetton navy shorts £12
  7. M&S boat print shorts £8
  8. Polarn O Pyret shorts £7.20
  9. Boden red and blue stripe shorts £10.50

Keep an eye out for part II of this post..The most stylish of the unstylish practical holiday essentials

Happy splashing!




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