April showers

Dressing for a rainy day..

I know we all go on about it, but we really do suffer the most unpredictable weather in this blumin’ country. Particularly at this time of year, it’s pretty impossible to know how to dress from one day to the next. It can be gloriously sunny and from nowhere you’ll be stranded in the mother of all hail storms. You’re left in your soggy ballet pumps, wondering whether your kids are going to get pneumonia while drying off. It really is crazy.

Anyhoo, a cool pair of wellingtons and a light weight rain coat are, sadly, essentials for the British summer. Raincoats have been a bit of  a bugbear of mine as most available for girls are pink and floral and just not nice. Hence why both of my girls have boys’ coats. Obviously I haven’t told them that (although Hattie can read labels now she hasn’t spotted it yet!). So, here are my picks for the coolest raincoats around. There are some boys coats on the girls’ edit but they’re so stylish and most definitely unisex. Also, you really can’t go wrong with the Petit Bateau raincoat. It’s a bit more pricey but comes in every size from 6m-12 years and is totally unisex and most importantly durable, so it can be passed down to siblings.

And one more tip.. I always put my kids in vests, my mum drilled it in to me, but it does makes sense. If it does suddenly pour or start blowing a gale and you’re caught short, they won’t catch a chill on their chests. (I sound like a granny I know).


my girls in their “boys” coats

For big boys..


  1. Gap quilted gilet £27.99
  2. Zara mustard raincoat £27.99
  3. Gap raincoat £29.95
  4. Petite Bateau Rain mac £59. This Next navy parka £32 is also nice and Jojo Maman version goes up to age 6 (see toddler boys)
  5. Uniqlo lightweight quilted coat £24.90

My favourite of the boys’ picks is the Zara coat. I looove it! I am very tempted to buy the age 3 for Rupert and keep for next year. I love the Uniqlo lightweight coat. It’s so light so not too warm but wind and water repellant.

For big girls..


  1. Red rain coat with gingham hood Alex and Alexa £22.50 also comes in navy
  2. Mango (boys) navy rain coat £25.99
  3. Next yellow fisherman with stripe hood (also come in blue) £24
  4. Hatley rain coat £30.80
  5. Aigle wellies £32
  6. Zara boys rain coat (as above)

This Next yellow coat is so cool and un-Nexty. I love the stripes inside the hood (obviously) and I also love yellow. It’s one of the only colours that can be worn over anything (except pink). Also this is a new colour in Aigle wellies and I want (need) them!!! And no.2 is lined in lovely, soft, grey jersey.

Toddler girls..


  1. Mango baby (boys) yellow coat £22.99
  2. Zara denim parka £19.99
  3. Mango baby boys khaki hooded coat £29.99
  4. Zara parka with detachable lining £27.99
  5. Little bird for Mothercare wellies £14

Coats for this age girls were by FAR the hardest to find. There is actually only one “girls” coat here. The denim parka is very cute and will go wih everything, not v waterproof but a nice lightweight coat. And I figured littler ones are usually able to take cover in the pram!

Toddler boys..

coats newbaby

  1. Jojo Maman Bebe fisherman rain coat (also cute in yellow)
  2. M&S fisherman rain coat (age 1-7)
  3. Mango striped wellies £19.99
  4. Mothercare wellies £11
  5. Jojo Maman Bebe waterproof trousers £16
  6. John Lewis waded coat £18. I also like this one for £10!

These mothercare wellies are great for toddlers who can’t get their own wellies on yet as you can pull them on so easily with the handles. The Jojo waterproof trousers are also great for this age of jumping (and falling) in muddy puddles..thanks for that one Peppa. Also the M&S fisherman is a great cheaper alternative to the Petit Bateau and goes up to age 7.

Happy splashing!




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