How I dress my toddler boy 

I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised when I entered the realm of baby boys’ clothes when Rupert was born. I think boys can be a lot more casual than girls without looking scruffy. Plus you can have a bit more fun with motifs and things (never with colours. I avoid orange and green at all costs.)

Rupert’s daily uniform is a loose, collarless shirt or henley long sleeve tee with comfortable harem joggers or soft cords. He doesn’t have any jeans and I don’t see the need for them. Especially while he’s crawling and climbing so much.

And please, if I can tell you one thing that you remember let it be this.. never underestimate the importance of socks. A bad sock can RUIN a great outfit. Sounds ridiculous I know, but I am a tad ridiculous about these things. I just don’t see the need for anything other than a drawer full of plain (or preferably ribbed) navy socks. I will now and again throw in a pair of mustard, mid blue, red or grey. Anything else just complicates and cheapens an outfit. (Unfortunately, as my kids have grown older they’ve started to have opinions on socks but that’s a whole other post.)

Now, here are a few things I will most definitely be buying (if I haven’t already bought) for the little man in my life!

  1.  HM navy neck cardigan £5.99
  2. Baby Joule fox knee joggers £19.95
  3. John Lewis Socks with grip  (I would discard the green pair) £6
  4. Jojo Maman Bebe long sleeve breton £14
  5. Zara mustard trousers £10.99 these only go to 12 months if older get these £8.99
  6. Cath Kidston knitted train cardigan £26
  7. Zara khaki dungarees £15.99
  8. Zara tiger face knitted sweater £15.99
  9. Zara drawstring joggers £9.99
  10. Amy and Ivor Traveller moccasins £40

The fox knee joggers are so cute, Rupert had them in 3-6 months and he’s only recently grown out of them. The Socks with grippers are important for this age (my nephew slipped and broke his leg wearing non grip socks age 2) but its not easy to find them in palatable colours. These are great – just please throw away the green!!! And finally the Zara dungas. I don’t think you can beat toddler boys in overalls. It’s the cutest look, totally timeless and also versatile. I pair them with a long sleeve (normally stripey) tee or for smarter occasions a little collarless shirt. Zara has been great for this age boys recently and features quite heavily in this post.


  1. Mango cable knit jumper £15.99
  2. Zara khaki joggers £8.99
  3. Zara stripe tee £6.99
  4. Zara rain coat – now £9.99 in sale, I bought it at full price:(
  5. Verbaudet cardigan £17 (18months plus) or this one from Mango £16.99 for smaller babies
  6. Mi Pequeno Lucas collarless checked shirt £12
  7. Next navy knit trousers £6
  8. Amy and Ivor moccasins £38
  9. kickers infant hi strap velcro £32

I adore this chunky cable knit sweater. Even though we’re approaching summer, in the UK you still need knitwear like this..Layer over a tee and wear with joggers on a cooler day and shorts and ribbed socks on a warmer one. I found Mi Pequeno Lucas during a weekend in Madrid when Hattie was a baby and I ADORE everything in the store. It’s really lovely quality and they ship worldwide, thank goodness! Also the girls both had the baby Kickers as their first shoes, they were so robust but also flexible enough for first walking.


  1. Zara knitted hooded cardi £17.99 for younger ones this from JoJo Maman for £20 (I find their knitwear washes well)
  2. Next knitted stripey joggers £9  these come up big. I also love these striped joggers £6.99
  3. HM henley bodysuit £4.99
  4. Zara navy roll sleeve t-shirt £3.99
  5. HM canvas tbar shoes £6.99
  6. Kickers Kick Hi B Baby £32
  7. Zara shirt £10.99
  8. Zara parka £19.99 
  9. Greenberry kids joggers £19 or these
  10. Polarn O Pyret Polo bodysuit £14
  11. Zara linen striped dungarees £17.99
  12. Petite Bateau breton £26.50

I’m a bit of a stripe addict anyway, but when it come to dressing boys, a stripe is an absolute staple. Rupert has been known to be in some form of stripe every day of the week! It’s a totally classic and cool look. I found the Petite Bateau breton worth splashing out that bit more for as it the fabric is lovely and it washes well. It’s also unisex so Rupert is currently wearing one that has been worn by both of his sisters.


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