THAWING part II …The Boys. 

A few staples that will see your kids through this awkward time of year and will still be going strong come August.

I love putting together boys styles. I love how things can be so simple but look so cool. Here’s my pick of  fuss free, stylish and most importantly, practical pieces for your little guys. The beauty of all these items is that they can be mixed and matched, dressed up and down. A capsule wardrobe!!

  1. Gap baseball tee £8.95
  2. Verbaudet trousers £19
  3. Gap cardigan £19.99
  4. new balance trainers £37.84
  5. Marks & Spencer boots £28
  6. Zara coat £27.99
  7. Verbaudet cardigan £17
  8. Zara shirt £12.99
  9. Zara trousers £12.99

I adore those khaki trousers. They’re such a cool shape and so versatile. I would be buying them in every colour. And those m&s desert boots are so useful and look just as good with smart slim chinos as they do with joggers.

  1. Gap cardigan £22.95
  2. Verbaudet trousers £11.40
  3.  Verbaudet White shirt £15
  4. Next coat £12
  5. M&S shoes £26
  6. Verbaudet sleeveless sweater £17
  7. Gap v neck tee £6.95
  8. Verbaudet check shirt £16
  9. M&S striped long sleeve tee £8.00

Above is a smarter look but not too stuffy. You could pair with a blazer like this too. Here and here are other parka options as I know the petite bateau-esque Next one is flying out. Also LOVE the verbaudet skinny joggers. They’re a great shape and your little fellas can’t complain they’re not comfortable!

Oh and also those smart suede M&S loafers are stain resistant. Perfect!

  1. Gap cardigan  £19.99
  2. Verbaudet demim shirt £13.20
  3. Hunter wellies £31.99
  4. Verbaudet tshirt £7.00
  5. Verbaudet trousers £11.40
  6. Adidas Stan Smith trainers £36.99
  7. Zara khaki coat £27.99
  8. Hm Baseball cap £2.99
  9. New balance trainers £27.99 
  10. Gap hooded top £11.99 or this one
  11. Zara joggers £12.99

This shawl cardigan is so useful for this time of year. It can be worn over a long sleeved tee on a warmer day or layered under a coat when it’s chillier.  A khaki army coat is a must have staple for any little boy and this Zara one is spot on.



2 thoughts on “THAWING part II …The Boys. 

  1. Rachael says:

    Nice touch with the blue and white belt at the end!!! All those outfits look fab!! I was only googling those adidas classic trainers last night, now I’m definatley getting them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sophie Isaacs says:

    Oh dear I see this is going to be dangerous don’t even have to call or pester you with constant what’s apps now!! Just got the M&S Desert boots for Ted xxxx


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