As the weather starts to brighten up, here’s a quick guide on how to dress your kids during the winter- spring transition 

It’s another beautiful sunny day, we all have a spring in our step and it feels as though we’re on the verge of being able to ditch those thick winter coats. Thank goodness!

But, it’s that time of year when it’s sunny and mild but can still be very cold and so unpredictable. You can head out for the day with your kids totally bundled up and by midday everyone is far too warm. You spend the rest of afternoon fumbling around under everyone’s things and resembling a bag lady. Not a good look.

So, here are a few staples that will see your kids through this awkward time of year and will still be going strong come August.

First up, the girls.. 

  1. Zara blouse £15.99
  2. Hm jeans £9.99
  3. Next Hairband £5.00
  4. Verbaudet cardigan £21.00
  5. Zara bag £10.99
  6. Next top £7.50
  7. Hm shoes £17.99
  8. Trotters ribbed tights
  9. Little Joule Breton top £14.95
  10. Next dress £8.50
  11. Verbaudet jumper £17.00
  12.  Zara trousers £19.99
  13. Verbaudet knit £16.00

I’ve found these HM skinny jeans to be the best out there-they actually stay up and have a lovely shape. The cream coated Zara jeans might seem a bit risky but they look super cute and a grass stain here or there isn’t the end of the world when they’re only £19.99! And finally lets all just take a moment to appreciate those grey suede Mary Janes.

  1. Zara parka with detachable fleece 
  2. Aigle wellies £25.99
  3. Verbaudet jumper  £17.00
  4. Zara bag £10.99
  5. Mini Boden boots £36
  6. Zara trousers £12.99
  7. Gap denim blouse £13.99
  8. Boden glitter Mary Janes £25.90
  9. Gap jumper £23.95 
  10. Next ochre coat £21
  11. Pisamonas pumps £17.95
  12. HM grey skirt £9.99

This military style rain coat is so cute and universal. Will go over a long sleeve tshirt for warmer days and can be layered over jumpers / cardigans when it’s chillier. I adore this ochre coat from next. It’s so chic and the colour goes with everything. Style with a simple Breton and jeans! The sparkly Mary Janes are Hattie’s all time favourite shoes. The glitz is totally manageable when paired with khaki skinnies or ribbed tights and a chunky knit.


2 thoughts on “                THAWING

  1. Lyndsey large says:

    I love this blog mamma f! Excellent work. And I feel proud that Lexi happens to be wearing the gap denim blouse today! Looking forward to seeing more! Mwah xx


    • Hip Mini Style says:

      Ah yey! Thanks so much lovely Lynz, really appreciate you saying so! Hope you’re all good! Let me know when you’re next up north again xxxx


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