A friend recently called me up in a panic. She had a family wedding coming up and had NOTHING to wear. This time she wasn’t talking about her own outfit. At this time of year the stores are awash with beautiful dresses, hats, shoes, you name it. The high street has wedding season covered..but not for kids. Surprise surprise.

Unable to find anything stylish and smart to dress her little girl and boy in she was stressing out that she was going to have to resort to “formal wear” (heaven forbid).

I personally can’t stand seeing really little kids looking too formal. They have their whole lives to wear suits and ties, it’s so very uncomfortable and just looks and feels wrong.

This what I suggested for her toddler girl and boy..

Simple, cute and most importantly smart without looking stuffy and overdone! 

  1. Mamas & Papas frill dress £34
  2. Boden blue dress £42
  3. La Coqueta dusky pink dress £72
  4. Mamas & Papas linen sailor dress  £34
  5. La Coqueta linen dress £76
  6. La Coqueta Mary Janes £44
  7. La Coqueta ribbed socks £6
  8. Boden glitter Mary Janes £25

A couple of these are tad on the pricey side but they’re really useful as can be worn casually too with desert boots and ribbed tights or socks.


  1. Zara piped collar shirt £15.99
  2. Next shorts with belt £12
  3. Pisamonas deser boots £18.95
  4. La Coqueta Braces £14
  5. la Coqueta ribbed socks £6
  6. Mango shirt £15.99
  7. Mango shorts £15.99
  8. Pisamonas boots as above
  9. Zara shirt £15.99
  10. Mango belt £15.99
  11. Mango navy chinos £15.99
  12. Mango suede boat shoes £39.99
  13. HM smart shorts £9.99

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